How To Get 16 GB Free Space using Dropbox Referral Service

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Here are the tips to get dropbox free space
Account Creation/Signup

If you signup directly, you will get 2 GB space. If you signup via someone’s referral link, you can get 500 MB extra space. You can ask for referral link from your friends who are using Dropbox, or you can use my referral link.

Get started

After signing up, the first way to earn 250 MB space is to complete the tasks on Get Started. These tasks are really simple, and they can help you better use Dropbox. If you are an existing user who have not done it, when you go to Get Started you will find most of the tasks are done and you can get the extra space 🙂 .

Connect social networks

Unlike Get Started, there is no link on homepage to this option. What you need to do is going to, and connecting your social networks with Dropbox, namely Facebook and Twitter. Dropbox offers 128MB for each action, and you can get 768MB in total by complete all the options.

Invite friends/Referral service

Dropbox referral service is is the best way to increase your space. you can invite maximum 32 friends, which means 16 GB. Dropbox will automatically reward you with 500 MB per referral, resulting in a total of 32 x 500 MB = 16 GB dropbox free space!

Simply go to Referrals page and get your Referral link. You can spread this link on Facebook, Twitter, Email, anyway you think is efficient. I don’t think this is spamming since Dropbox is a good tool and it is worth sharing.

Another way

You can get it on Fiverr. If you bother doing all above, you can just pay a little to get it On

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